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Cheese Board
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This wooden cutting board is handcrafted from Walnut and Cherry trees grown in America.  The trees are milled at a local lumberyard, and the boards are transformed by the sisters into beautiful boards.   The board is carefully sanded to a silky smooth finish, then protected with a food grade, non-toxic mineral oil.  This finish is perfectly safe to use for all your entertaining delicacies.   Do not soak your board in water, so as not to cause any warping.  With use the board may show signs of wear.  To make it look just like new, your wooden board can be treated with a gentle rubbing of food grade mineral oil to bring it back to a beautiful luster.  The size is approximately 11 3/4 inches by 15 1/2 inches and 5/8 inch thick.  Each board is individually handcrafted and is made from domestic wood. 

(1 in stock): $65.00

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